I'm a performer, teacher, composer, and producer

living in Orange, California.  

I've played just about every style of music there is.

I'm involved in the music business on all levels, including composing, performing, arranging, recording, and teaching.

I've been a musician from my earliest years.  At the age of 10 I heard Led Zeppelin for the first time, and I knew I had to get serious about guitar.  By the time I was in high school was writing songs and performing, both as a solo act and with various groups.  I received my Masters Degree in Classical Guitar Performance from Cal State Fullerton.

For me, the lines between genres like Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, and Classical music do not exist.  I play all these styles and more, sometimes with the same group, and even in the same song!   

My latest project is a dark, moody jazz thing called Dark Light