Dark Light is my latest album. It's a dark moody jazz thing with some real spacy grooves.  put it on and melt into your chair. or leave your body and explore the cosmos.

Obsidian Kite was my first foray into the world of electronic music.  I think of it as a musical diary, where I let my imagination run wild.  It's got deep grooves, ambient bliss, and some killer guitar playing.

The Abbot's Dream is the first song on my Obsidian Kite album.  The album is available for download and streaming here.

This amazing video was made by VJ Mina

Dry River is a Blues/Rock band featuring Oliver Althoen on guitar and vocals, Dave Forrest on harmonica, Joel Helin on bass, and Ruben Ordiano on drums.  Prayin' for the Rain was released in October 2016.
Gritty, heartlfelt, and honest, Dry River will rock your body and soothe your soul.

Get it here

Already There is the latest single by Dry River.  It's available here.

Video by Virtax Studio